Lesson 5: Days of the Week

Days of the Week

The purpose of this lesson is to teach you how to say the days of the week in German. Take a look at the list below:

Sunday             der Sonntag

Monday           der Montag

Tuesday           der Dienstag

Wednesday     der Mittwoch

Thursday         der Donnerstag

Friday              der Freitag

Saturday          der Samstag

Most names end with “tag” because it is the German word for “day.” The days of the week are simple to learn and follow a pattern much like their English counterparts. Wednesday is the only day that doesn’t end in Tag. “Mittwoch” literally means “midweek.” This is why the ending is “woch” instead of “tag.”

Usually, if you want to say something is happening on a certain day of the week, you place the word “am” before it. “Am” is the equivalent of “on.”

The article for the days of the week is always “der.” This is usually omitted when using “am.”

For example:

I’m coming on Wednesday.    Ich komme am Mittwoch.

Ich is the word for “I,” Mittwoch for “Wednesday,” and “am” for “on.” Komme is the conjugated form of kommen which means, “to come or arrive.” Look at the sample sentences below for more practice with days of the week:

Welcher Tag ist heute?           Which day is it today?

Heute ist Donnerstag.             Today is Thursday.

Welcher Tag ist morgen?       Which day is tomorrow?

Morgen ist Freitag.                 Tomorrow is Friday.

Dann kommt Samstag.           Then, comes Saturday.

Ich habe Chemie, Japanisch, und Deutsch am Dienstag.

On Tuesday, I have chemistry, Japanese, and German.

You can also add “jeden” or “letzten” before the days of the week. “Jeden” means “every” and “letzten” means “last.”

Examples: letzten Montag (last Monday) and jeden Donnerstag (every Thursday).

Jeden Mittwoch, ich gehe zur Schule.            I go to school every Wednesday.
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