Lesson 4: Colors

Colors work exactly like adjectives do in German (and they are, technically, adjectives as
well). Colors can end a sentence and can be negated with nicht. If the color is
being negated, nicht must appear before the color.

List of

braun               brown

blau                 blue

schwartz          black

lila                   purple

weiß                white

grün                 green

orange             orange

gelb                 yellow

golden             gold

silbern             silver


Below are
some example sentences using colors (some sentences show the negation of the

Es ist nicht
silbern. Es ist golden.

It is not
silver. It is gold.

Das Auto ist

The car is

Das Buch ist
nicht gelb.

The book is
not yellow.


Using colors
in sentences is really easy once you understand how adjectives function in a

You can also
modify the basic colors by placing a prefix before the word. By using prefixes,
you can say “light blue” or “dark blue” instead of just “blue.” The prefix for
light is “hell-“ and the prefix for dark is “dunkel-.”

Take a look
at the example sentences below.

Das ist
nicht hellblau. Das ist dunkelblau.

That is not
light blue. That is dark blue.

Handtasche ist dunkelbraun.

The purse is
dark brown.

Das Auto ist
schwartz und dunkelgrün.

The car is
black and dark green.

Das Haus ist
braun und weiß.

The house is
brown and white.

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