Lesson 7: Numbers

In this lesson you will learn how to count in German. We’ll start with the basic numbers and move on to compound numbers and dates.

Look at the table below first:

1                    eins

2                    zwei

3                    drei

4                    vier

5                    fünf

6                    sechs

7                    sieben

8                    acht

9                    neun

10                zehn

11                elf

12                zwölf

13                dreizehn

14                vierzehn

15                fünfzehn

16                sechzehn

17                siebzehn

18                achtzehn

19                neunzehn

20                zwanzig

These are the basic numbers in German. Notice that all of the numbers in the teens end with “zehn” for “ten.” After twenty, you simply place the smaller digit in front of the larger number and add “and.”

For example, 21-29:

21                einundzwanzig

22                zweiundzwanzig

23                dreiundzwanzig

24                vierundzwanzig

25                fünfundzwanzig

26                sechsundzwanzig

27                siebenundzwanzig

28                achtundzwanzig

29                neunundzwanzig

The pattern for the rest of the numbers is very similar. Here are a few other numbers:

30         dreißig

40        vierzig

50         fünfzig

60         sechzig

70         siebzig

80         achtzig

90         neunzig

100       hundert

In order to write dates, you need to know an altered set of numbers. One is an exception to the pattern of numbers for dates. If you want to say the first, you have to use “erste.” For the rest of the numbers 2-20, you simply add “te” to the end of the number. (7 becomes siebte). For higher numbers, you add “ste” to the end (einundzwanzigste).
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